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April - 12


The summer season is near; obviously, it is not favorable weather. People like to have a refreshing life in summer and things must be done more easily since the summer will exhaust the people. Thus people always go behind easy projects for rejuvenating their home. You can do certain things that will bring out a huge change in your room, but still, they are some of the huge ideas. In short; painting, plumbing, and gardening of the indoors can give you a better change. You can do everything better with the best interior designers in Malappuram, the Feza interiors.

You can brighten up your walls to brighten your moods. Painting is the quickest way of transformation of interior space. Since the bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms are the most used they must get the refreshment first. Other than the walls, the cupboards, doors and other things in the rooms or kitchen can be painted to look better.

Otherwise, you can use some wallpapers with different colors or patterns on it. Choose the best ones according to your purposes. Then get some accessories suitable for your interests, so that you can feel the space more of your own. It doesn’t mean that it must be costly; there are attractive home decors available at affordable prices. There are also different online stores selling home decors. The Feza interiors will do the best interior designs at budget-friendly prices.

Then comes, upgrading your faucet. This is an important step that most of us skip while renovating our houses. The renovation ideas of the Feza interior designers are different and they will correct each nook and corner of your houses. Thus making it beautiful and the perfect one. For this, you first determine the type of faucet you need so that not all faucets fit everywhere. While selecting the faucets give priority to your most liked features. Pick the color or finish that suits your modern bathroom or the contemporary kitchen. The Feza interiors will design and work by knowing your interests and fits suited items in the interior spaces.

There is another and a commonly known but rarely used idea for exhibiting the beauty of the interior spaces – adding greenery to your spaces. Indoor plants according to your interests can be kept in your room, it may be your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, dining hall or anywhere in the house. The skilled and experienced interior designers of the Feza interior designing company will provide sufficient spaces or ideas for keeping a garden inside your home. In short, Feza interiors are the best interior designing company in Kerala that makes your interior spaces to look the best.

January - 4


For having a luxurious living room, it isn’t necessary to have big budget decorative items. Always while choosing the decors you must see that it will match you and your interiors. The decorative items like the furniture, lights or your favorites like paintings or any other articles inside in your living room will add the beauty of your interior space. Fortunately or unfortunately, the most discerning decorative items will have only small budget prices. The Feza interiors as the best interior designers in Ernakulum suggest you to have some decors like the following.


We always feel luxurious and so special with the velvet. This is a little thing which is reasonably priced and available in different attractive colors. Nowadays, many of the people choose it to have in their living rooms.


The rugs are available at different costs. The parallel flakes rugs are nothing but a colorful take on a traditional style, as we always include something traditional in our interiors. The kinds of rugs are also available in low budget with good quality.


Nowadays floor lamps are a rare seen inside our home. Imagine how adorable it will be when you use an arched floor lamp inside in your living room. It can be used in your bedroom also. As it will be useful for you to read or do other hand works. Good looking floor lamps are available in the market at exciting prices.


Coffee tables are any how a must have in the living rooms. It can be sleek and contemporary so that it can look more beautiful.


If you are opting for typically small budget interior decors you can avoid having a throw. When you are looking for a beautiful and luxurious throw, you can also choose it within your budget. A sea blue or other light color throws will look great with your dark furniture and beautiful interior spaces.


The round wall mirrors are very popular nowadays. These have a special look when placed inside the living rooms. They can be very expensive, but the mirror is available in two different kinds of finishes. One is expensive and other affordable yet luxurious.


This will definitely give you a retro feel. These are actually the beautiful things you can have in your living room. Pretty wall mounted lamps are available in the markets at pocket friendly prices. With this you can adjust the light to dim or bright inside in the living room.


These are also rarely used products, yet you can include it in your living room if it fits your adorable interior designs.

Many other decorative ideas which make your space welcoming to your guests are also available with the best interior designing company in Ernakulum, the Feza interiors.

December - 31


When it comes to bathroom renovations it is a time taking process and an expensive process. In the upcoming year of 2019, Feza interiors - an interior designing solution comes with a lower price tag to those who have a plan to renovate their bathroom with a low expense. In order to upgrade your bathroom you don’t want to break your bank and worry over it. Still you can have that porcelain good looking bathroom in your home.

Before starting the work, give your bathroom a super deep clean. This is a necessary process, so that it will help you more to determine what kind of updates you are planning to do in your bathroom to make it a spa like one. While cleaning clean the floor and the grout clean the metal fixtures and wipe out all the soap scum and remove the grime and re-caulk the areas of shower and tub. Make it as a spotless and clear bathroom so that you can see where all you need to have the updates. Consider a change in the metal fixtures of the bathrooms if they seem to be outdated even after the wash. Being the best interior designers in cochin the Feza interior designers will give you the best ideas to deal with your bathrooms.

The following ideas will make you to upgrade your bathroom to a spa like bathroom. It is also a good thing that these are less expensive steps that you can perform with short period of time.


The light inside a room is very important as it can be a factor that can make or break a room. In bathrooms it is not better to use overhead fluorescent lights. Instead of that, using can lights are a better option in the bathrooms. If you have a lofty ceiling, then a small chandelier can be used. Then install some sconces on all the sides of your vanity, so that they will at your eye level. This will ensure you that you are enjoying yourself in the best possible light.


Your old vanity is easily made to a new one by adding beautiful cabinet knobs and new drawer pulls. This will definitely give your bathroom a stunning look like a brand new one. To get that dramatic and contemporary look, give that high gloss white to your bathroom. If your cabinetry doesn’t work with this, then give some modification to the existing foot print.


If the metal fixtures in the bathrooms seem to be outdated, then consider replacing it. This is a good idea in renovation as it can give a good change to the upgraded space of your home. It is better to use nickel to have that traditional spa look to your bathroom.


The spas are usually painted with neutral colors and images of natural and organic shades, so it is better to keep the color scheme simple. Avoid energetic colors in the bathrooms, and add the colors like grey, light lavender, warm white or pale blue.


Giving some finishing touches better you leave. It will be good to keep the accessories minimal. Keep it clean and use shelves to avoid cluttering in the bathroom. Some luxury natural elements like teak shower bench, cedar bath mat and other wood and cozy materials can be added to it.

December - 25


Making your interior spaces to look beautiful had been an expensive process. Now, forget about the big budget interior designs and decorations. Here are some ideas by which you can improve the look of your bathrooms with a very less expense. The Feza interiors help you to renovate your home at its best at reasonable prices. You are living in the same house and you can make small improvements without spending much time or money for it.

  • Cleaning the grout – This is actually the first and best idea to have the makeover. Just have a look around the bathroom, the grout in the shower or somewhere in the bathroom may look a bit dirty, then give it a very good neat and deep clean. If you find it helpless after the process of cleaning, then it will be better to change it. You will be benefited from changing the paint or color, otherwise giving a full removal and re-doing it.
  • Arranging the light settings and installing a green low flow toilet – Replacing the light to something contemporary other than any other spaces in the bathroom will do well. It will have a surprising makeover and by this something so small can give a facelift to your bathroom. With this installing a whole new toilet can be done, which may be little expensive.
  • Applying new grout – Take out the old grout in your bathroom and apply fresh caulk on it. You can also use a caulk gun to apply the new application and try not to gag it. This idea will definitely give a brand new appearance to your bathroom. It is one of the most refreshing ideas you can have at low price and time.
  • Upgrading cabinet pulls and shower head – The expense depends on how many cabinets you have in your bathroom, but still it is of less expense. Splurge on the luxurious items, like the shoes and handbags, so that you can really feel the space is elevated.  Especially when they are of better quality and you feel good by seeing it. You can also try changing the shower head. You can do it by yourself by getting some instructions from the manufacturers or somewhere from YouTube. Even though it is a small step, this will make you to have a feel good space in your bathroom.
  • Replacing the chipped tile – In order to get that adorable look you should try replacing the chipped tile. This is a necessary step that we need to have while updating our bathrooms.

These small and easy tips will help you to have a pocket friendly renovation for your bathroom and look stunning. This can be done with less expense and time.


Feza Interiors - Interior design company in Perinthalmanna 

December - 17


Does your space feel like your own? The answer may not be ‘yes’ always. Especially when it is a
rented space it may feel challenging. These are few ideas from Feza interiors by which you can
have that own feeling of your interior spaces. The different varieties of interior design ideas by
the Feza interiors had made them the best interior designers in Kerala.
The professional interior designers of Feza interiors will help you to expose your unique likes,
quirks and your personality into your interior spaces through different interior designs and
different pieces of décor.


Arranging a wall to display your memories will definitely make you feel that the area is yours.
Nowadays, most of all the people have enough personal photos or memories to display.
Attaching some of your favorite photos will be an easy way by which you can make it feel more
personalized. It is a personal and affordable kind of décor.

Just think, what are your hobbies? Which one is your favorite of them? For which one you want
a dedicated space in your home? You can consider them of your choice and find a space for it in
the home. Usually, we will find a reading corner or a meditation or yoga space in the interior
designs. The Feza interiors are recommending you to have a chill zone to play or to enjoy music
added with your interiors. Even a small area allotted for this will make you love the space and
feel more like yours.

The pillows, rugs, curtains and bed sheets are all the things that must be depending on your
taste. If you love bold and vibrant colors and designs, then make your interior designs stunning
and the accessories should be of that kind with bright colors and eye striking patterns. If you
love humor then add the pillows or the prints with cartoons and funny phrases. Whatever kind
of personality you have, the interior designs can be given according to that. Feza interiors are
one of the leading interior design agency in Cochin to provide suitable interior designs at
low budget.
Adding some plantation in the interior space will give a feel of adding life and warmth to your
interiors. The Feza interior designing company knows exactly how to create a personalized
space which makes you feel of your own. The designs will perfectly reflect your style.

December - 5


The imagination of one person will be different from other; similarly, the idea of having a luxury living room can have very different images with different people. The idea or design used may be traditional or modern. You may see a traditional room decorated with chandeliers, tufted seats and heavy curtains. Otherwise, you can see a luxury living room in a modern space with modern ideas that suit the luxury taste and room size.

You can explore the massive array of perfect designs and ideas that have the perfect layouts, good décor ideas, excellent lighting designs, furniture that are stunning and good looking curtains; all this along with the breathtaking architectural designs of the Feza interiors. The Feza interiors are the best interior design company in Perinthalmanna. The luxury offered by the Feza interiors through its designs is extraordinary and gorgeous. The Feza interior designing company provides the low budget interior designs that look stunning and will be a relief to the pocket of the customer than any other works.

The Feza interiors also do great renovation works and make your interiors look beautiful at affordable prices. The interior designs of Feza had proven its strength and quality over the years and thus have an enormous number of happy customers in Kerala and south India.

Some of the interior design tips that you can use for your interior designs are: - Having a high ceilinged room, adding a design of luxury feature wall to the scheme that will definitely make a stunning focal point of look in an open living room, lighting up the living room with an eye-catching sweet modern chandelier, the interiors can look marvelous with metallic and adding things like a mid-century metallic coffee table in golden color will add a lavish sheen to the interiors. Adding living room pendant lights, which can be more than one that will add extra beauty to it.

You can also try to illuminate the special features in the living room. Illuminating the beautiful modern staircase in the living room or any standout piece that you have in the living room can add extra charm to the interiors. In interior designing, you must always consider the lighting plan.

The luxury can be inspired by traditions also. Thus for having a traditionally styled living room, you can add wallpaper or a classic wall with a natures theme and it can be continued by adding greenery to the interiors. The furniture in the room should also fit the traditional design.

Another idea used by the Feza interiors to highlight the luxury is by highlighting the texture other than the colors. You can find it more beautiful with different kinds of adorable textures. The Feza interiors, the best interior designers in Kerala will help you to have luxury living rooms in low budget. The ideas for having a luxury living room are much more with the Feza interiors.

November - 27


Do you think renovating your kitchen is a costly thing? Almost always it can be costly. Here are some powerful ideas by which you can renovate your room or kitchen with at a meager cost. The Feza interiors are the interior designing company who always do best interiors in Kerala. The modular kitchen designs which are designed and developed by the Feza interior design company are now the best of the modular kitchen in Kerala.

If you have a plan for partial renovation with a low budget, then the best idea is to do the painting of the room. As it is said that the painting is one of the most powerful things in the transformation of the room, it is a must-have in the renovation. The kitchen cabinets and countertops can be beautifully painted. And it is also not much expensive.

Since the kitchen is an area where you spent time cooking food, it requires more light. The older darker look of your kitchen is changed to a newer and lighter look. This will make your kitchen feel more spacious than before and also more active you may feel. It will be a better idea if you have a source of natural light in the kitchen than any artificial light. The interiors of the kitchen are usually painted in white or in light shades (like lighter shades of blue, green or pink) with some dark colored furniture to give a more stunning look. Golden and silver colors are also in trend to use in the kitchen interiors.

The kitchen utensils and equipment are perfectly arranged and the wardrobes are made in such a way that it can save a large area in the kitchen. Newer and latest kinds of kitchen utilities are used according to the need of the customers. The older things which may be your favorites can be added to it by some modification or in a differently styled manner. We also consider that some of your oldies may be your favorites.  A perfect arrangement in the kitchen can give a perfect kitchen.

The Feza interiors bring out adorable modular kitchen designs, which are built and renovated by them. The Feza interior design company will always walk with the new by keeping the old in hand. Thus the works can be contemporary or modern and can be a combination of both depending on the customers need. The dedication in each work of them had given them a good reputation and also earned them the name of best interior designers in Kerala.

November - 12


When you are ready to design the interior space of your home, definitely you will be much inspirational and will go through several ideas. But working with an excellent interior designer is much easier than choosing any other methods. It will make your space come true faster and within your budget. 
The Feza interiors are the best interior designers in Perinthalmanna, who had always given importance to the internal life of the interiors while designing. The interior designs of the Feza interiors are done in such a way that the relationship between one person and his interior space is much essential. The mind and mood of a person are directly related to his living space and neighborhood. To get that profoundly personal look of your interior space, these expert hacks given here can help you. 
Creating a professional and right looking gallery wall is one of the best ideas to have that great look for your home. It includes a beautifully painted and decorated wall, some sorts of family photos, adorable accessories, hanging plates and some cute knick-knacks from the surroundings. This is an excellent idea as it will be a way to fill your heart, by creating a lovely space.
Giving focus to a focal wall can do wonders in your interior space. The Feza interiors had designed many of the best interiors in Kerala, like the interiors of many shopping malls, significant halls, commercial spaces and much more. We also suggest that honing in one or two places in your interior space can make it look beautiful. Giving colors to the walls are the best part of interior designing. Most of us love colors. Just imagine how beautiful it will be when you color one wall with your favorite color. Using texture on the wall can also improve the look of your space. Then add some texture with it to get that statement look. To have an appeal you can use some wood strips, wallpapers with some textures and also we can give fake brick paneling on the wall to have that more luxurious look for your home. 
The Feza interiors are the home for newer and better interior design ideas at a lower budget. Thus the Feza interiors are one of the low budget interior designers in Malappuram. While your home is under a renovation, it can be a better idea if you can shop from your home’s hidden pieces. You can always have a second look at that pieces which you might have hidden or removed to make your space new. Sometimes these pieces even can help you in giving that different and updated look. 
Adding a beautiful and probably larger rug on the floor and using some mix patterns like solid or geometric on the pillows will also give an added beauty to the interior spaces. The works done by the Feza interiors are always professional and are worthy to the customers. This earned us the name of the best interior designers in Perinthalmanna.

May - 3

Let's Make Awesome Interior design for Homes and Offices

As modern life we all are busy with work and more pressured even if we are at home. We have getting less time to spend with family. this time our home becomes the shelter after a busy schedule. even though we try to spend maximum time with family. so that we have to make an awesome home to get maximum relaxation. So we make sure that home has always been perfect and beautiful. awesome interior design ideas will make your home unique and interesting.

Interior design is an art of a creative artist who make awesome interior design for home and offices. It's not only a service of artistic, but also it is a passion who makes something special like decorating space around you with the choice of colors, themes, and style of items. Feza Interiors providing full service architectural firm located at Perinthalmanna - Kerala, our branches are at Cochin and Bangalore. We are one of the best Interior designers in Kerala. We excel in the creation of better space and structure. Because it is always research oriented services. Let's think about how we can get inspirational interior design from boring to beautiful.

June - 6

Interiors made elegant with hand made products

The interior space reflects the personality of the people living in it.The look and feel of the handmade products are quiet adorable when they are used in the interior spaces. Recently, there is a trend in interior designing and decorations that hand made products are used in certain areas, and many people love it.

Furnishing and designing your home with handmade pieces is a wonderful way of creating a unique look for your home. Frankly saying, talented people are making their own works and others scout for hand made products. Moreover, this was believed to be fit to the interiors of residences only. But now it is more generalized and that hand made products are used everywhere, whether it is in the office spaces, commercial spaces, restaurants, hotels and so on.

You may wonder, how is it possible by you? For example, you made a small and cute dining table made of reclaimed wood, did the finishing touches by yourself like the polishing, brushing, and waxing - all the works are done by yourself and kept inside your home. And finally, the result of all your work is stunning and pretty. Just imagine, how happy you are? Similarly, you can make anything like a customized piece, a jewellery or a furniture out of your talent.

In these kind of interior designs and decorations you can also get the help of an efficient and experienced interior designer or interior design company for making your dreams to come true. You can also get the help of a talented artisan to get the handmade pieces of your choice and make your interior space according to your wish and style.

July - 3

Fanciful Bedroom Styles that will boost your imagination

We know most of us dream of a beautiful house. Everybody wants their interior spaces to be charming as far as they can with their money and ability. You know, there is something so charming about having an attic bedroom. A room present on the top floor of a house under a pitched sealing and the beams and rafters of the roof can be perfection.

Twin bedrooms are nowadays a seemingly different style of bedrooms. These are, especially done for children's rooms. They are decorated with two coats and usually in the same manner.Now there is a different style of decoration of the twin bedrooms. That is both coats in different styles.

This sometimes done according to the option of the people using it. Actually, this looks a very different kind of arrangements, because two coats are decorated differently in the exact place. This room is full of fun, art, creative and is full of imagination.Classical bedrooms styles are very commonly used across Indian houses, as it has recognised art and the quality of the work is much important.

Ultimately bed rooms are spaces where we rest have fun and much more. So, not only the bed and coat, but the surroundings, flooring, mirror, bedside tables, curtains, lightnings etc. should also be decorated with much care.